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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Themed party

I want to throw a big themed party. I have thrown a lot of parties (like Harry Potter and LOTR marathons and Christmas parties), but I want a big, themed one where everyone has fun.

Around the world party: each guest brings food and drink and dresses up in clothes like a particular country.

Vegas: gambling, drinking, dressing in bright and few clothes, sounds like money!

Stoplight: guests dress in red for taken, yellow for confused or it's complicated, or green for single

Daylight savings: spend the extra hour drinking, listening to music, and having fun! 60 songs that are cut after one minute so you know when to take another drink

Seven deadly sins: pride (crowns, awards), greed, lust, envy, gluttony (FOOD), envy, anger, sloth

Luau: leis, Hawaii food, etc - my favorite!

Heaven and Hell: upstairs is all white and gold with fruity drinks, and downstairs has red drinks and fiery decor, people dress up as angels and demons

UPDATE: I recently went to a stoplight party. I was proudly wearing green, and it was pretty fun! Unfortunately, my friend in red did not have much fun because her boyfriend could not attend the party with her, and no one else would ask her to dance because she was taken. I think this may be more fun with people who are more familiar with each other.

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