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Sunday, March 4, 2012

In Progress - Family Cookbook

UPDATE: I'm planning on doing this as a surprise for my mom, aunt, and grandmas for Christmas this year! Of course, to get the recipes, I'm having to ask them, but I'm at least trying to keep my mom completely oblivious by getting my dad to get me the recipes since I won't be at home until Christmas vacation. Right now, it looks like I'll be ordering from Heritage Cookbook because I can get just a few books for about $6 per book.

My parents, grandmas, great-grandmas, and aunt all have amazing recipes from different sources. My mom as a little box with index cards of many of the recipes, but I'd like to turn it into some sort of cookbook.

It'd be great to have a real book with all of the recipes to send to my family members. It could be a Christmas present for all of my family members! I could just get a few copies, not try to distribute it, and keep it a secret (just tell them I want the recipes), and send it to everyone all at once. I think that would be beautiful and really touching.

In Progress: Finishing My Bucket List

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