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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Brazil with my Parents

I want to take my parents on their dream trip. Unfortunately, that would be pretty hard because they travel a lot as is (and go wherever whenever they want), and my mom is an amazing travel planner, and there is no way I could plan a better trip for her.

So instead, I want to take them to Brazil. My dad is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, so he wants to go study there for a while in a relaxed environment (he doesn't want to get incredibly intense with it), and my mom and I could travel around Brazil.

Also, my dad has always wanted to live in a house with the street address of 1. We lived on 4 Beach Street when we lived in New York, and he said that's close enough for him, but I'd like to at least try to get us a place to stay in Brazil that has the address of 1. 

I'm slowly but surely getting information from him about what he wants in Brazil (without letting him on to my plan, of course). He's thinking of going for about a month. He says you can get a really cheap place on the water. His friends suggest he go to Dallas to get better at jiu-jitsu, but he wants to go to Brazil to look around, too. 

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